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18V Battery @ 110 Ah  Model BPDG18-110. Developed for use in backup power supplies in cable telecommunications systems.


  • 2 – 18V batteries occupy the same space as 3 – 12 V batteries in the tray of power supply enclosure
  • Large size (98 lbs.) and higher voltage (not used in vehicles) prevent theft
  • Less expensive 
  • Longer life
  • Electrolyte Gel Batteries with AGM separators and Deep Cycle performance
  • High quality and reliability

Sealed and Maintenance-free:

  • Silicon dioxide gel helps avoid acid leaks
  • ABS plastic container
  • Automatic Sealing pressure release valve
  • The electrolyte gel eliminates acid stratification and prolongs life
  • AGM (absorbed glass mat) separators makes for high density power
  • Your company’s logo printed and/or cut into battery case. (optional)
  • Serial numbers (optional)

Principal Components


We use Superior Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) separator

  • Absorbs gel and acid
  • Excellent traction properties
  • More elasticity and less internal resistance compared with a PE or PVC separator
  • In laboratory, after boiling AGM in H2So4, it comes out in excellent condition

We use ABS Plastico and Long Life Epoxy

  • Mechanical properties superior to traditional PP
  • Strength in extreme conditions
  • Contractability percentage of ABS is 0.4 – 0.9% (compared with 1.6 – 2% PP plastic)
  • Epoxy seal lasts 15 years

We use Electrolyte Gel – Manufactured in Europe

  • SiO2 Gel was originally made in Germany
  • Inserted in the battery with a machine vacuum.
  • El gel is distributed more efficiently than just liquid

18V Battery @ 110 Ah Model # BPDG18-110

  • Unnecessary to make special changes in the power supply cabinet.
  • Utilizes same cables to connect to the power supply
  • No special consideration in charging the batteries in the cabinet
  • Equalization – Flotation

Performance Characteristics

The BPDG series uses the newly developed nano gel electrolyte with super-C additive plus heavy duty plates design inside. The BPDG series has a long service life and can provide optimum and reliable service under extreme condition such as high temperature and frequent power failure. This series is highly suited for tropical area in outdoor applications such as Telecom BTS stations and Off-grid PV system, and Cable TV system.

General Features

High quality and high reliability
Sealed and maintenance free operation
Silicon dioxide electrolyte gel avoids acid leakage
ABS containers and covers (UL94HB, UL94V-0), optional
Engineered self-resealing Safety Valve
Exceptional deep discharge/recovery performance
Nano gel electrolyte eliminates the acid stratification, prolongs cycle life
Thick plates and high power density
Optional printed and/or engraved Company Logo and laser serial numeration

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