A key part of any FTTH/PON network build is certifying the construction. This presents challenges in a number of areas especially if you have multiple crews or techs on the job. The question is how to make sure test equipment has the right test configs to ensure that testing is performed according to design specs? Then how to minimize the time and effort required to extract and submit results data and reduce the risk of results getting lost in the process?

StrataSync is a key part of your instrument and field workforce ecosystem driving uniform methods and procedures, enabling test consistency while delivering the necessary actionable insights required to achieve operational efficiencies. Whether you work for a service provider or a contractor, StrataSync can help.

For Service Providers learn how StrataSync can improve instrument management


For Contractors learn how StrataSync can simplify test results submission and report generation

JPM Communications, Inc. is an authorized distributor of Viavi Solutions, Inc.

Learn how VIAVI can streamline your workflow and guarantee testing is carried out to design specs through centralized asset, config and test data management in order to minimize unnecessary retests or time spent troubleshooting test setup issues, and eliminate the risk of losses or delays when submitting test results.

Core StrataSync capabilities are free, click here to sign up for an account or contact us for more information.

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